Rose’s Fine Food, a small breakfast and lunch joint on Detroit’s Eastside is rocking it!  K and I write this now on our tenth visit to this egg-slinging abode.  First thing you should know is that Rose’s is an inclusive, all happy vibes, kind of place, so be prepared to just have a good time!  Also, keep in mind they get super busy – so if you are trying to go during peak hours on a Saturday be ready to wait.  That being said they just started work on a patio expansion, so hopefully in a month or so they’ll have a larger capacity.  All around, Rose’s Fine Food is a modest, warm and wholesomely delicious addition to daytime dining in Detroit.

In the past K and I have usually gone for their savory offerings – ramp and egg sandwiches, salads, various legumes and root vegetables.  If you are a vegan your options are a bit more limited, since most of the veggie options still have butter and eggs. K recommends this place for vegetarians that eat eggs and are okay with regular cooking oils but I think there are still some great options even if you don’t eat eggs or you’re just straight vegan, notably their Eastside Power Pile and Le Dude 2.0.  Their menu is always changing though, I’d say more often than a seasonal menu. Rose’s charm is that they’re not trying to be something they are not – they have mismatched chinaware, crooked hanging frames on the walls, a messy stack of cookbooks by the front door, a colorful chalkboard of daily specials, large pickling jars above the grill, and my favorite part is the built in bar seating that is both comfortable and original to the emerald green and wood paneling interior design. 

This time around we were feeling a bit adventurous, so we ordered some sweet options.  Take note, that they make all of their own bread, baked goods, and desserts in house – plus they sell picnic baskets to-go and cake orders! Getting the meal off on the right foot I got us some of their Populace coffee and a Yogurt Blueberry Cake with a lemon glaze.  I’ll say after having a few of their morning cakes you can really tell that they use quality ingredients.  The taste of the berries came through more than any added sugar.  While I scarfed down most of the cake – K sipped away on her coffee, wondering how their patio will pan out and if it’ll have sun coverage.  Both K and I have a soft spot for laissez-faire style patios – shaded from the sun and surrounded by plants.   

Then both of our meals came out on big oval and circle plates.  The first was our other sweet option, the Ricky Ricotta (French toast). Not something we usually would order – but worth every penny.  The ricotta cheese on top had melted just slightly into their homemade toast and had a light drizzle of locally sourced honey.  The strawberries were the farm fresh small dark red ones, with a bright inner burst of flavor – nothing close to the overly plump Driscoll’s strawberry monsters you get at the grocery store. 

K was even more excited for the other dish, Bree’s Taco Era. This not so pretty dish made up for its messy appearance with some truly mouth-watering and saucy fried or poached egg tacos that sported thick walled homemade corn tortillas. Honestly my favorite part of the dish was the tortilla. The plate also came with some simple beans and rice – good with a tad of their hot sauce.  Like most of their items they sneak in a little bit of the pickled veggies on the side, bright pink or purple – they serve as a great palate cleanser between plates.  Our adventurous appetites were satisfied. Rose’s fun and friendly diner had did it again.  Waving goodbye we strolled out with smiles on our faces.  

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