We Are Mission Driven!


To better the health and wellness of Detroit and select cities by providing medicinal herbal teas, vegetarian culinary popups, independent media and educational workshops. We specialize in good food and good tea.

Tonic & Juice™ brand is a for profit mission-based arm of Godman Industries LLC.


Eater Detroit 2016 & 2017 & 2018Hour Detroit | Hip In Detroit | The Metropolitan | The Metro Times | Deadline Detroit | Glossed & Found | Tostada Magazine


In 2012, we began as a raw juice venture, delivering juice to neighbors and friends. 

In 2013, we transitioned to dry herbal teas and vegetarian food. Although the product has changed a lot, the company beliefs and values have remained the same. Watch the old promotional video that started this whole thing.


Tonic & Juice ™ is unorthodox.  We actively seek to enroot these visions into our products.

A world where clarity does not imply simplicity.

A world where creative prowess isn’t something necessarily found in a gallery.

A world where the measure of disease is not akin to one’s general health.

A world of pure chivalry and sacrifice.

A world where vice and altruism are one and the same.

A world with a bright, inclusive and sustainable future.